Happy Birthday, Cabbage Patch Kids!

Oh, remember your first Cabbage Patch Kid, and how very special it was? I do, I do! My doll's name was Lucy. Actually, her birth certificate said her name was like, Elizabeth Victoria but I wanted to call her Lucy, so there you go. She had brown hair just like, me, in two pig-tails, and wore a blue dress. I loved her so much! I also hated the 'fake' Cabbage Patch Kids - you could spot them so easily! The true way to find out one was fake, though - look on the bum for the signature! (No Xavier Roberts? FAKE DOLL!) Then Cabbage Patch Kids came out with the dolls with the silk hair... oh, so soft! I think I had one of those, too, and a baby one. Then I got too old for them, but still, they rocked!

"Cabbage Patch Kids, growing in the garden, Cabbage Patch Kids, growing in the sun... now the most important thing about a Cabbage Patch Kid - is that they each grow up to be a special one!" Don't even ask me how I remember that song... or this one:

"Otis Lee... Otis Lee... " yeah, that's all I remember from that one. He was the cute bald boy doll, and I think I had a crush on him.

Can you believe they've been around for 25 years? WOW!
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Sonia said...

LOL...I remember those songs. My mom bought me the Cabage Patch Kids album "Cabage Patch Dreams" I listened to it all the time. Good ol' Otis Lee :)

Catwoman said...

Man, that makes me feel so old...

I actually never had a CPK doll. My mom thought they were ugly and refused to buy me or my sisters one.

I probably should be in therapy to get over the trauma...

Anonymous said...

I loved the Cabbage patc kids as a kid but getting hold of one was a nightmare remeber the riots I got my first one like 4 years later blonde girl with lemon pigtails still got her but I do remeber Otis Lee he was the gang leader but a kind sweet little boy and yeah he was very cute always wonderd why he was bad if it was alopeicha or something made me like him more maybe felt sorry for him lol but he was adorable I always wanted an Otis Leedoll and as I collect the dolls I'm still on a quest to find him and adopt him and be his new mommy lol