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Finally, a picture of Britney's newest bundle of joy, Jayden James. :) Both her boys are cute.
At least she is out and about and on vacation with her children, which is a lot more then I can say about half of Hollywood moms!

P.S. What B.S. that Paris is out of jail due to a 'medical condition'. Now she has to remain home-bound for the rest of her sentence. Oh, cry me a river... staying in your 10,000 square foot home, with swimming pool and servants and someone to massage you and do your hair and relax and have fun? Whatever! Stupid little girl!
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Catwoman said...

I can't even tell which is the oldest one! They're so close in age and they look like they're almost the same size! Crazy! I don't know why she kept him hidden so long when she's always out and about with Sean Preston.

But that's the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night, but maybe that's just me! :)