Black's Photography sucks!

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I ban Black's!

Long ago, I stopped going to Black's, when I discovered places like Wal Mart, Shoppers, and Loblaws all developed pictures for a fraction of the cost and did just as good as a job, if not better, then Black's did. My pictures used to cost so much money, it was insane - and all of a sudden, there was a huge price drop because of these news stores offering this service. Thank goodness!

Today, I went to Black's to get my passport picture taken because I was in the Rideau Centre over the lunch hour and need to get my passport changed to show my married name, and get my son his first passport for our upcoming trip. I did not even think to ask how much the passport picture would be, since everywhere else - Costco, Wal Mart, Loblaws, Mail Boxes Etc. - are all $9.99. So I go to pay. And the total was: $21.65! $21.65 for two identical, tiny pictures? Oh yeah - they did give me a 'free' (ha, free!) passport holder. Well excuse me, but I'd rather have only paid the 10 bucks! Remind me again to never to to Black's? Grr...
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