Another sad story...

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I am sure you have all read, by now the case of the missing pregnant woman who was going to give birth in a couple of weeks. This case sounds all too familiar and creepy - brings back memories of Laci Peterson, and Lori Hacking, who were both pregnant when they were murdered by their 'husbands'. And although this missing pregnant mom was not married, the father of her children had a criminal past. Makes you think he is probably involved in her disappearence...

The saddest part of this story is that her 2 year old son was home when she disappeared. And all he is saying is: "Mommy was crying. Mommy broke the table. Mommy is in the rug." Mommy is in the rug? I mean, how sad is that? This little boy had to see God knows what go on in his home. Thankfully, his grandmother found him in time, before any damange could be done to him - there was apparantly bleach all over the floor, and the house was completely destroyed.

Now, a newborn baby has been found miles from where the mom disappeared. The baby girl is being tested to see if it is, in fact, that mom's baby. Officials are thinking the baby is actually not the missing woman's, but they're still checking, to make sure. Where is the mom? What a story... how can there be so many terrible people on this earth, who torture and kill without a thought? Jail is too good for them. I'm thinking this woman did not just voluntarily disappear... I hope answers are found soon.
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Catwoman said...

I remember reading a horrifying statistic once about how a woman is more likely to be killed by her boyfriend or husband when she is pregnant than at any other time in her life.

And the fact that bleach was used leads me to think that whoever did it was cleaning up after himself. To me, that points to the father, especially if the 2-year old wasn't harmed.

But that poor child... And that poor woman... Those stories really make me sick to my stomach.

And maybe we'll be proven wrong, and it's not the boyfriend. But whoever it is, needs to pay dearly.