TV happiness!

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It's that time of year.. to say goodbye to our favourite shows for a few months.... I hate season finales, because they always leave us wanting so much more, and instead of only waiting a week to find out what will happen (for instance, between Pam and Jim from The Office) we have to wait a few months! It's agonizing. But of course, we all carry on just fine since it is, after all, summer and who watches TV during the summer, anyway? It's the time of year to really enjoy the outdoors and we are doing exactly that, BIG TIME, since my son is just loving this weather. Not today, though - today is cold!

So tonight is the last episode of the totally useless but addictive America's Next Top Model. I think it'll be between Renee (whom I mentioned at the beginning of this cycle of ANTM, only I did not think she'd last this long since she's blonde and typically pretty) and Jaslene. Who will win? Tune in tonight to find out!

Then tomorrow night, it's the Grey's finale and The Office finale. I'm more excited about The Office, after Pam's speech last week. But of course they won't end things how we want them, with her and Jim in a loving embrace. We'll have to wait until next season... yet again! Sigh!

And let's not forget the other MAJOR important thing on TV tonight - the SENS GAME! GO SENS GO! They have played amazingly this round. Just amazing. We have a lot to be proud of! I'm thinking they WILL win tonight! And then we'll be in the Stanley Cup FINALS! GO SENS GO!
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