Supper Works... works for me!

Mondays are hard. I hate coming in to work on Monday, because after having spent 2 days at home with my little boy, it's just... really hard leaving him! We have so much fun together. And have I mentioned how this age is simply the best age ever? Yeah, I think I have, countless times before. He is just so smart and aware and adorable and FUNNY! Oh, is he ever funny. He keeps me laughing all day long. He's my favourite little person in the entire universe. I am thankful also that when I drag myself to work he is loved and cared for by his grandmothers and great-grandmother (who is only in her 60's and has way more energy then I do!) So, he is in great hands. But still... I miss him! I can't wait to go on maternity leave again, and spend a lot of time with both my children. Anyway, the reason for my post was to talk about Supper Works...

Have you heard of Supper Works yet? I received a flyer the other day on my door, and I am totally intrigued. I think I will try it out for sure. You all know that I don't like to cook... probably because I can't really cook that well and also because there is just NO TIME to prepare a meal after work, and after picking up my child and taking care of him. I mean, really, I have tried it, and it's tough! So, this Supper Works is a great invention. "Supper Works - taking the work out of supper" is their logo. Doesn't that sound so cool? So basically, here is how it works: you get to prepare 'tasty, nutritous meals without the time, without the hassle, and without the mess' by going online to and viewing the menu selections, then here is what happens:

You move from station to station and prepare one entree at each station.

Every ingredient for every recipe will be washed, chopped, grated, sliced and ready for you at each station.

Each station is also equipped with a recipe, all necessary utensils, and containers.

Once you’ve completed an entree, store it on your own shelf in our refrigerator.

Just leave the mess and move on to the next station. NO clean-up - the do that for you.

When you’ve finished preparing all of your entrees, pack them into your own containers.

Once home, place the meals in your freezer. When you’re ready to eat one of your SupperWorks entrees, simply thaw and cook. We provide all cooking instructions.

That sounds amazing... and yeah... I'm totally going to try this! The menu items sound really mouth-watering, too. The new store is located in Orleans, and it's a huge thing in Toronto already. What a great idea for moms who are very busy!
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twinmomplusone said...

wow, thanks for letting me know about this, had never heard of them and sounds like an awesome idea

let me know when you do try them out

Catwoman said...

It's a huge phenomenon here in Texas too.

I've never actually done it (it's awful expensive, and since I do cook six nights a week and have so many good & quick recipes, the cost is a deterrent for me), but I have a girlfriend who loves it so much, they ONLY eat those meals at her house, because they ate out or ordered in all the time, so they're saving money this way and eating healthier. I think I'll definitely do it one of these days, because it would be nice to have a few meals like that in the freezer, just need to make room for them first, haha!