Spring cleaning!

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Ahhh... I finally attacked my closet this weekend and got ride of a HUGE garbage bag full of clothes I have not worn this year, or last year. Finally! It felt great to take everything out of my closet, and lay it all on my bed and just toss things. I read if you haven't worn something in 6 months to a year - forget about it - you'll never wear it again! So now I have a huge bag of clothes just sitting there... my sister went through the bag, taking some stuff she liked (or taking back some clothes that were hers to begin with!) and now my grandmother and mother-in-law will have a look to see if anything is worth keeping or sending to Greece, then I'll drop the bag off at the Salvation Army or call the Diabetes Society. Now, I am in serious need of new spring and summer clothes! I sadly gave up one of my favourite pair of skinny jeans that, let's face it, I won't ever wear again. Even if I lose 10 more pounds, they won't fit the same. And they are ULTRA low-rise... yeah... not something I should be wearing anymore! Sigh. It's okay, though - it just means I need a new pair of jeans and they will be a pair of Seven's! And there were a lot of little sexy tops I'd wear out that I just wouldn't wear anymore because well, I'm 30 and a mom and I have respect for myself! There are a few more tops in my closet that I could part with but didn't have the courage to do so this weekend, so slowly, those shirts I have not worn in a long time will also leave my house. Now my closet looks normal, and not like a tornado ripped through it! Spring cleaning is great!
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twinmomplusone said...

looks like someone is in need of some serious shopping! good for you for cleaning your closet, there's something very therapeutic about doing that