Should I buy my boy a jersey... already?

So... we didn't win last night. I still believe the Sens will win the series, though. If not tomorrow night, then back in O-town. But I am hoping they'll win tomorrow as my stress levels get really high when I watch playoff hockey, especially now. The Sens haven playing amazingly well, though. Amazingly well. I'm proud of our team! These past few weeks, my little boy has been watching some of the hockey game with us... in between playing and running and laughing and reading, he pays attention to what is happening on TV and he even claps as loud as us when there is a goal. He screams 'goal!!!!!' and claps his little hands. It's the cutest thing, ever. I always say that, but it's so darn cute! He even has his own little Ottawa Sens hockey stick that he likes to hold. I can't wait to take him to a game. Next year, for sure. I know he will love the excitement. I think it's pretty darn neat that my son is now a little hockey fan. One night we were watching the game in bed together, lying down and it was a very nice moment. I wonder if he'll want to actually play hockey, though? I'd rather he plays soccer but I guess he can technically do both, right?

Yesterday after work I had a craving for donuts. And I knew we'd have people over to eat the donutes, I thought it was not a bad idea to buy some. Seeing as there is no real Krispy Kreme store here, I had to get Tim Horton's donuts. Now, my husband and I do not like Tim Horton's for many reason, mainly, their coffee sucks. Ask anyone who knows anything about real coffee - they'll tell you the same thing. We drink Starbucks, in and out of the home. (I know I'm in the minority here) So I really have not had a cup of Tim Horton's coffee since 2000, when I was still working at the TV station and well, we drank a lot of coffee from Tim Horton's then. Anyway... I caved in to my craving, and got a dozen donuts. I had one, and it was good. Later my sister and her fiance came over and he wanted a good donut so off he want to the gas station to get a box of Krispy Kreme donuts. HEAVEN. There is NO comparison, you guys. Krispy Kreme is all that. And more. They are sooo bad for you, but really, there is no greater taste. No donuts compare. My son LOVED his krispy Kreme donut. Mind you, he did not eat the entire donut, but he kept coming back to take a few more bites. It was very cute to see. He has such a sweet tooth!

So if you haven't experienced a KK yet, go out and get one, now! Better yet wait until you're in MTL and go to a KK store and buy a dozen or two when they are just freshly made. That's another thing - a KK is freshly made, right there in the store, and not frozen in a box like TH's donuts. So there!
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Catwoman said...

How cute would he look in a Sens jersey! We've taken our son to minor league baseball games already and he loves them! If hockey tickets weren't so darn expensive, I'd take him there too.

Your son is absolutely gorgeous!

twinmomplusone said...

gotta have a jersey, we all do ;)

craving for donuts now...