It is a sad, sad world

This story is beyond sad. Thanks goodness the little 8 month old survived and will now, hopefully, be raised by loving parents. What bothers me the most about this story is the fact that so many innocent children are killed by their 'mothers', who are then found innocent in court. Excuse me, innocent? I don't care what form of depression you may be suffering from, if you injure and kill your child because you can't handle life, you should not only go to jail, you should go to jail and never be given a drop of water to drink again. You should have your hands tied behind your back and thrown off a cliff into shark infested water. There is no excuse. CLEARLY they are INSANE or they would not have killed their poor children. So being found innocent is just the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

HUDSON OAKS, Texas (AP) -- A young mother who may have been depressed apparently hanged three of her small daughters and herself in a closet using pieces of clothing and sashes, authorities said Tuesday.
A fourth child, an 8-month-old daughter, was also found dangling in the closet but was rescued from the family's mobile home.
"It's horrendous. That's all I can say," Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said.
The woman was identified as Gilberta Estrada, 25. The infant, Evelyn Frayre, was in good condition at a hospital, Fowler said.
Authorities did not immediately identify the other children, but Fowler said they were apparently ages 5, 3 and 2.
Filly Echeverria, who said she was the children's godmother, identified the dead as Maria Teresa Estrada, Janet Frayre and Magaly Frayre.
After Estrada failed to show up for work, her sister, who lived nearby, forced her way into the locked residence in the Oak Hills mobile home park, about 25 miles west of Fort Worth in this rural community of 1,600 people.
The sheriff said the sister rescued the infant when she realized the baby girl was still alive.
The sheriff said the hangings appeared to be murder-suicide because the trailer's doors were locked from the inside and a relative said the woman had been depressed.
The young mother and her girls were last seen alive Monday evening, he said.
The sheriff said Estrada had won a temporary restraining order in August against Gregorio Frayre Rodriguez, who was believed to be the father of the infant and some of the other children, after an attack on Estrada.
The sheriff said the couple had stopped living together in February. Tuesday was the first emergency police call to Estrada's trailer, and authorities said there was no evidence that Frayre abused the girls.
A telephone listing for Frayre, 38, could not immediately be located.
"I just got a big kick out of watching the kids play over there on her porch, and today it's sad, very sad," neighbor Joyce Harris said as other trailer park residents milled about on their porches, some crying and talking softly about the deaths.
Estrada's trailer was dilapidated, with paint peeling off the brown and white mobile home. Cactus plants and a rose bush decorated the front. Toys and a bicycle littered the back yard.
Texas has seen a number of child killings by mothers in recent years.
Less than five years earlier, another Hudson Oaks family was torn apart when Dee Etta Perez, 39, shot her three children, ages 4, 9 and 10, before killing herself.
Andrea Yates drowned her five children in the family's Houston bathtub in 2001. In 2003, Deanna Laney beat her two young sons to death with stones in East Texas, and Lisa Ann Diaz drowned her daughters in a Plano bathtub.
Dena Schlosser killed her 10-month-old by severing the child's arms with a kitchen knife in 2004.
All four of those women were found innocent by reason of insanity. Yates initially was convicted of capital murder, but that verdict was overturned on appeal.
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Catwoman said...

I can't imagine what would drive a mother to that point. To think in their head that the world isn't worth living in and they have to take their children out of it. The story about those kids yesterday broke my heart. The fact that this 8-month old girl survived and will one day find out what her mother did, how does one deal with that, exactly?

Loukia said...

True, that is going to be a sad day for that child. Hopefully she'll be raised with a lot of love and strength. I don't understand how this woman did this. Didn't she see how blessed she was to have these children? There is always help...