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Sad news... little Elgin-Alexander passed away over the weekend, on Saturday, after the Sens won their hockey game and advaced to the finals for the Cup. I received a message that night from Elgin's cousin, my good friend, Ana, telling me the news, but didn't get the message until the next day when she called me again to tell me the horrible news. He was at home, surrounded by his family, lying down beside his baby sister and he just closed his eyes and passed away. Thankfully and hopefully there wasn't too much pain and suffering... the parents are so strong... the funeral is on Thursday and will be taking place at a hockey arena in Carleton Place, since they expect a huge turn-out. This is the saddest story and I can't really talk about it because emotionally, I'm too sad. I'm sure some of you heard it on the news or saw it on the cover of the papers this weekend, too. Anyway... keep Elgin and his family in your thoughts and prayers. He was such a brave 3 year old, who was fighting a terrible disease since he was only 9 months old. God bless him.
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twinmomplusone said...

heart wrenching, I'm going to hug my kids extra hard today