Facebook is out...

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So, I deactivated my facebook account. Why was I on facebook to begin with? I admit it was fun, and addictive, but most things that are addictive can't be that good for you, right? I had a lot of my real friends on there, and old co-workers both from CRA and from The New RO that I liked being in contact with, along with a couple friends from school that I lost touch with. As well as every Greek I know, almost, and then a whole bunch of people that I would otherwise never have talked to again in my life. So why have them as my friends on facebook? It's a little weird... and freaky... why should someone I went to elementary school with, or high school with, see my personal pictures, and why are they there as my friends? When my 'friends' got to 100, I thought, whoa... these people aren't all my friends, so why are there here? I was spending a lot of time on facebook, too, and it was time I could have spent doing other things. Anyone I want to talk to, I can, through a phone call or email. Facebook was just an added useless thing in my life. So I just... got rid of it. I'm tempted to go back on, but not now. Maybe I'll re-register under a nickname or something and be a more strict about who to add as friends, that way it will not be so weird! It's like this crazy phase, and while it was fun while it lasted, it was pointless, for the most part. And then there is the whole security issue - how safe is it, really? Why do I have pictures of my family on there? Just bizarre... so for now... I'm out!
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