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From Dani's blog! (www.momm-eh.blogspot.com) Thanks!


Q. What is your salad dressing of choice?
A. Al's house dressing

Q. What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
A. Hmm? Depends - McDonald's fries, DQ Blizzards.

Q. What is your favorite sit-down restaurant?
A. In Ottawa? Lone Star, Vittoria Trattoria

Q. On average, what size tip do you leave at a restaurant?
A. A lot

Q. What food could you eat every day for two weeks and not get sick of?
A. Anything Italian. Or BBQ steak. Yum.

Q. What is your favorite type of gum?
A. Extra Peach. Reminds me of the summer of freedom town and Kik!


Q. What is your wallpaper on your computer?
A. Nothing

Q. How many televisions are in your house?
A. 3


Q. What’s your best feature?
A. Hmm? Don't know! I like my hair, usually.

Q. Have you ever had anything removed from your body?
A. I liked Dani's answer to this - a human being! Haha...

Q. Which of your five senses do you think is keenest?
A. I don't know

Q. When was the last time you had a cavity?
A. Don't remember

Q. What is the heaviest item you lifted last?
A. My 30 pound baby

Q. Have you ever been knocked unconscious?
A I have fainted before


Q. If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die?
A. I don't think so

Q. Is love for real?
A. Yes

Q. If you could change your first name, what would you change it to?
A. I used to want to change my name but I like it and think it's pretty unique.

Q. What color do you think looks best on you?
A. Don't know. I like all colours! I like bright colours in the summer, and white and black.

Q. Have you ever swallowed a non-food item by mistake?
A. Yes, glass, at Malone's. And DEET.

Q. Have you ever saved someone’s life?
A. No

Q. Has someone ever saved yours?
A. No


Q. Would you walk naked for a half mile down a public street for $100,000?
A. Probably. Actually, yeah. Can I wear shoes?

Q. Would you kiss a member of the same sex for $100?
A. I have kissed girls before for free. It's nice.

Q. Would you allow one of your little fingers to be cut off for $200,000?
A. No!

Q. Would you never blog again for $50,000?
A. Hmm.. tough one.

Q. Would you pose nude in a magazine for $250,000?
A. Depends on the magazine. Playboy, yup.

Q. Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1,000?
A. No

Q. Would you, without fear of punishment, take a human life for $1,000,000?
A. No

Q. Would you give up watching television for a year for $25,000?
A. No

Q. Give up MySpace forever for $30,000?
A. Not on My Space, so yup. Facebook? Ummm... not right now!


Q: What is in your left pocket?
A. No pockets on these lulu lemons.

Q: Is Napoleon Dynamite actually a good movie?
A. It is retardedly good, in a OMG this is the dumbest movie I've ever seen and yet I love it type of good movie.

Q: Do you have hardwood or carpet in your house?
A. Hardwood floors all downstairs, and in my baby's room. 2 rooms have carpet.

Q: Do you sit or stand in the shower?
A. When I am taking a shower, I stand.

Q: Could you live with roommates?
A. I did, and it was fine.

Q: How many pairs of flip-flops do you own?
A. I don't know, a few.

Q: Last time you had a run-in with the cops?
A. Last week

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A. I am grown up. So I guess what I'm doing now, being a mom and working in communications.


Q: Friend you talked to?
A. Gee, I have not talked to any friends today. Depressing!

Q: Last person you called?
A. Er, um, ahhh - I have no idea. Oh wait, Lone Star last night to order takeout!


Q: First place you went this morning?
A. The porch (to get the newspaper)

Q: What can you not wait to do?
A. Um, win a million dollars? I'm drawing a blank on this one.

Q: What’s the last movie you saw?
A. Cars. It's babysitting the kids as I do this meme. I'm such a good mommy.

Q: Are you a friendly person?
A. Mostly.
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