First day thoughts

So, my next post was suppose to be about what I thought of all those freaky 'religious' people on TV who claim they cure any disease with the touch of their magical hands, but instead, I'm going to write a (short) post about my first day at Health Canada. It felt like the first day of school, in some ways! I was excited, nerveous, scared, happy, sad, all at once! Sad that I left the CRA. After so many years (okay, close to 5 years, but still, that is a long time!) and the comfort of knowing where I worked, I began a new job at Health Canada. I'm excited because it really is a great government department, and I am so excited to be working for such an awesome director. I have had some good Director's before, but he is a class of his own, very caring, attentive, funny, and so well spoken. We discussed my workload and I am scared and looking forward to the challenges and hard work. I only hope I can do a good job, as the work required of me is not an easy task. I like that I will be dealing with issues that affect everyone on some level. I love the building, too. On a side note - I finally have a window office! I had to figure my way around my floor, which is always funny, because sometimes I was walking in circles just trying to find the bathroom. I'll also have to get used to Lotus Notes because as of right now, Health doesn't use Outlook. No computer today, but hopefully that will be up and running tomorrow so I can transfer all the work I did on paper today onto computer. Anyway - time to go play with my boy again. My mom is currently entertaining him. :) Hope you all had a great Monday.
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SC said...

So happy to hear your first day was great. Keep in touch!

Loukia said...

Of course I will! :) Thanks babe. Keep me posted on the action at the CRA, too! ;) We'll do lunch soon. After all, I'm still downtown! :)