The crazy world wide web and other randomness

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The whole blogging-Internet-facebook thing is totally screwy, I think. I have not updated my blog in a few days - and for me that is not normal! I've been too busy on facebook, doing nothing. I mean, reallly? What are we doing on facebook anyway?

I remember back in the day (heehee) when email became the new thing. I vividly remember telling my now husband that there was NO WAY I would ever use email for anything. I told him, 'don't be silly, what could I possible want to tell someone over the computer that I couldn't pick up the phone to say? Or send a letter in the mail?' He assured me I'd change my mind in due time. And clearly, I did. But I was so hard-core against email! At the time..

Then... it happened. First year at University, my friends and I discovered email and were blown away but it. I remember we would go everyday to the 4th floor of the Library at Carleton and sit beside eachother, all 4 of us, side by side... and email eachother. No joke. We did this. We were obsessed! "OMG, you have to email me back - I just sent you an email!" Yes, we did this... so after email came the whole world wide web... news sites, entertainment sites, shopping sites - whatever you wanted to find or read about boom - in an instant it would be there for you. Very cool. And also a little scary .... I mean, how does it all work, really?

Then blogging. I actually was not even that aware of blogs until I started reading my co-workers blogs then I decided to create my own because, well, I like to write, and even though my blog is not like other great blogs that are consistent in theme and even though my blog posts aren't that well composed, I like to write and get my words out. And if others want to read it, great - if not, I still like doing it for me!

Through blogging I've discovered this world of mommyness. Through Dani's site, I found other great mom blogs, and through these other great mom blogs, found other great mom blogs, and have talked to great people I don't even know but feel like I do, because we have this common interest, this life changing thing happen to us - mommyhood. And reading articles and stories online and in print it seems like mommy craze is everywhere! This issue's Chatelaine magazine, for instance, is all about mom's. Granted, May is the month that we celebrate mother day, but still... it's just like this whole new world for me, where anything I want to read about is right there for me. I don't even know where I am going with this post. Perhaps I should put more thought into composing better posts or post when I am not so tired but I think I'll be tired for at least a dozen more years or so.

Okay - Facebook - what is it about Facebook we are all obsessed about? Friends tell me they hate it, it is ruling/ruining their lives, they can't stand it. And yet. They/we continue to go on it everyday. Update our status. Change our profile picture. Add new friends. Write on people's wall's. It's weird... I mean, all my friends are on facebook. We talk anyway - so why use facebook? We are all in eachother's pictures, so clearly we've seen them all before. And then there are those people you haven't talked to in years who you stumble across and then boom! It's like a crazy trip down memory lane. Mostly it's good but it still brings up the past... so weird... I like that I've made contact with 2 friends from my past - one my old best friend and one a best friend from high school. That's cool. It's other people I see who I know and remember but really do not want to have as a friend. So I don't add them. I reject now all the time. I do not feel bad about it, either.

Facebook is also very scary. After that terrible, sad, horrific massacre that happened at Virginia Tech, we can never be too careful. This crazed man was stalking women on the Internet, on facebook, and more. Why do we so freely post pictures of ourselves online? I am seriously contemplating taking down all my son's pictures. I know that only my friends can see my pictures but still... it's a scary, crazy world out there. That's all I am going to say for now... because I think I'm rambling!
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