Movies I want to see....

Anyone going to go see Zodiac this weekend? I really want to go! (Chances I'll go this weekend - slim to none, but hey - you never know!) It's gotten really good reviews and sounds like a great thriller. I also want to see Reno! 911. Loved it on TV, I'm sure it will be just as stupidly funny on the big screen.

I also want to rent and watch The Departed and Babel. And I want to see Walk The Line. Yes, I am that far behind!
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Michelle Ugarte said...

We want to go watch Zodiac too! But like you, my chances are slim to non because I don't have a baby sitter. =(

My hubby LOVES the Reno 911 show and of course, I grew up in Reno! So he has to make fun of me every time! LoL

I wanted to rent the Departed last night, but hubby isn't interested in it because he says it's like every other "gangster/mobster" movie out there. But I told him I want to watch it because I love Leo, Jack and who can resist Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg?!?!?! =)

Loukia said...

I agree Michelle... plus the fact that The Departed won Best Picture makes me want to see it even more!

skichik79 said...

I went to see Zodiac on saturday, it was good but long I guess being 8 months preggers doesn't help I was boiling hot and tossing and turning for 3 hours .. but the movie itself was good .. nothing like the Departed ... lots more action in that !

Loukia said...

Max, I used to fall asleep everywhere when I was pregnant... in the movie theatres, in church, everywhere... I fell asleep during Ocean's 12! Ha!