How America savvy are you?

This is fun! How many United States can you guess in 10 minutes? I thought I'd get them all... but I did pretty good for a Canadian girl! Ha! I got 35 right - missing 15 states. And DO NOT cheat - there is no fun in that, at least not with this game! ;) Click on the link below, and start typing in names of states you know - make sure they are spelled the right way! I just pictured the map in my head and put down everywhere I have been first, then added the ones I know, and then just tried to fill in the blanks.

Are you ready? GO!

Let me know you did!
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skichik79 said...

apparently I know more then I thought I missed 4 !!

Loukia said...

Wow, good for you, Max!

Dal said...

I missed 21 :-( I knew Massassuchets but I could not spell it correctly LOL. Like I just did now!

Loukia said...

Dal - I couldn't spell it correctly, either so I had to go google Massachusettes (still don't remember if that is right!) and lose time doing that! LOL!