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So, finally, finally, Anna Nicole Smith is set to be buried tomorrow in the Bahamas beside her beloved son. There will be around 300 invited guests at her funeral. Not sure if her mom will be in attendance, though. Glad that is over with... now all they have to do is that much anticipated paternity test so baby Dannielynne can go home to her real father!

Britney Spears was spotted in Malibu, on her way to an AA meeting. She was even wearing her wedding ring (according to Perez Hilton) - hmm? What's that all about? She returned to Promises right after her meeting. Here's hoping Brit is on the road to recovery and that we see her back in action as a yummy mommy and recording artists soon!

Has anyone watched "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader" yet? It's doing really good! And most people who watch it are getting depressed because, well, they can't answer the questions that these 5th graders can answer. 26.5 million people watched, making it the most popular debut of any series in almost 10 years. The show tests adults on knowledge found in elementary school textbooks, and real life 5th graders stand by to offer help. Questions like: Who was Canada's first PM? Name the great Lakes. What month is Columbus Day? The show airs right after American Idol 3 times a week.
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