Finally let my sister babysit last night...

My sister who is 6 years younger then me in many ways is older then me - she's very mature and responsible. And she loves my son more than anything, too, and comes over every single day to see him. He loves her back. So, last night, I finally left the two of them alone so I could go get weighed at WW. (I stayed the same, if you're wondering - didn't lose a pound!) Anyway, they had a great time, and Christos did not even notice that I left. (Hmm, should this worry me?) Before I left, I was like: "Make sure not to leave him alone on the change table, these are the pj's he should wear, be careful, offer him some water, don't say 'no' to him, be careful, here are his socks, be careful, make sure he doesn't put any small objects in his mouth, be careful..." So thanks to GG for being a great aunt! And thanks to my wonderful mom who not only babysits several times a week but also keeps me and Christos company at nights, too. She's the best mom ever and I hope I can be the same wonderful mom for my son.

GG and Christos:

My mom and my boy:

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Michelle Ugarte said...

Cute pictures!!

You guys are all sooooo darn cute!

Loukia said...

Thank you! Your children are absolutely beautiful.

twinmomplusone said...

you are indeed blessed Loukia, such a beautiful loving family

good for you for letting your sis babysit your son, its good for the two of them to spend time alone together, and great for you to get out by yourself ;)