Check this out!

Are you in the mood for some seriously yummy food? Then you have to check out this new restaurant my good friend Kiki's fiance just opened up on Clarence Street in the market... it's called District 89 - and has so much yummy food! I am so going to eat there next week. Here is their website:

And... Kiki and Danny are getting married in a few months! Yay for them! She just booked the huge church (St. Pat's) right across the street from the National Art Gallery... it will be a beautiful night-time wedding.

Congrats, Kiki and Danny!

Here is a picture of Kiki, and I'll try to post some pics of the restaurant soon, too.

And if anyone wants to go for lunch with me next week to Disctrict 89 - let me know and I'm so there!
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skichik79 said...

funny she just invited me to go there but my budget is super tight until after the baby is born so i had to rain check .... but definitly cant wait to go !!!

Loukia said...

I can't wait to go, either! Looks delish... I forgot we all used to work together, funny, huh?

twinmomplusone said...

hum, sounds great and I would so take you on your offer but will be out of town :)

Loukia said...

We'll have to try to arrange a lunch or something in the near future with the other ladies - Voula, Cathy, etc... that would be nice.