America's Next Top Model


Okay, so I managed to watch ANTM last night - even though it was at midnight since Christos did not go to bed until 11! (But we had a great night, by the way!) Anyway... I'm totally going for: Renee! She is so gorgeous! Just gorgeous! AND she is a stay-at-home mom to a little baby boy! How on earth does she have such a fabulous figure? I'm rooting for the mommy for sure! She is only 20 years old, too. It was addictive from the first episode - there are a lot of really pretty girls and 2 plus-size models as well. Renee will cause some drama, I'm sure. As will Natasha, the little Russian-American model. Jasline is really pretty, too... very exotic looking. I am not liking Jael - she's more stripper than model, I think. Did anyone else watch ANTM? Who do you think will win? I also really like Nigel Barker. He's a great photographer!

By the way - my TV did not record the last few minutes of ANTM, so if anyone was watching, who went home last night?
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Dal said...

THAT girl in the pics had a baby???!! Biatch!

I missed ANTM last night, too bad because Rob and I love taht show. We usually diss the girls or make fun of them but its still fun to watch! lol


Loukia said...

Yes, she does have a baby - a little boy. I think he's under 2 years old. Her abs are flawless. She is super-human! Pretty girls like her usually don't last long on ANTM, but I'm rooting for the mommy! :)