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I wish the title could have been triple X! But anyway. I failed my oral part of my French test. Surprise, surprise.... I wasn't being tested for the job I am currenlty in, but for a communications position with Health Canada. Some communications director over there got a hold of my resume and met with me and wanted to give me a job on the spot, and then the dreaded: "So how well are you in French?" question came up and I said: "Not good." He said: "Not to worry, I'll arrange to have you tested ASAP and even if you fail, we'll think of a plan B." So, I got an A level on the reading part - which, in the government is actually NOT a good thing - and an X for the writing part and an X for the oral part. So, we'll see what plan B is. It would be fun working there, but we'll see! So there ya go. I'd rather not leave CRA since I've been here for so long. Anyway... I feel sorry for the girl who gave me my oral test, I clearly had no idea what she was saying to me, yet I tried to answer. A lot of "Je ne pas comprand" came out of my mouth. Don't even know if I spelled that right or not. I hate being forced to learn another language. I mean, I already know 2 languages. And yes, I do think it's amazing to speak more then 2 languages, but being forced to learn a language in order to work seems pretty silly to me. Especially since for the most part - you'll never even use it! Sigh.
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Anastasia said...

Wow good for you Loulou on the job. As for the French, at least you tried. I understand what you are saying about learning another language and fortunately I took French Immersion throughout public and highschool so I do not really have a problem with the whole required language. But unfortunately, I still have yet to get into the Government. You're lucky that you have gone this far without the language. Ottawa is a bilingual city which is something we cannot change so all you can do is follow suit.

Let me know how it goes.