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I will probably be booted off in mere moments, so I have to keep this short... hope you're all having a smashing day! Can the weather get any worse? I hate it! What a long and horrible drive in this morning... stuck in traffic that didn't seem to move at all... had no gas... had no time for Starbucks, and was going to the eye doctor's. What a morning! ON TOP OF IT ALL - the radio in my car wasNOT working. I was going insane! It's been 2 days with no music, no news, no nothing. I was straining my ears to hear the sounds from the cars beside me. I was stuck drinking coffee I had to buy at the gas station. But my day brightened up when I popped in to visit Christos and my mom at his playgroup. He was way too cute, playing with the other kids, and sitting down in his little chair for snack time. I melted!

Anyway. Anyone watch AI last night? Jory Steinberg was kicked off! There goes Ottawa's chance at having the next American Idol be a Canadian! And I was sad to see Bailey go... she had a great voice with looks to match. I think the judges were really harsh last night!

Something that bugs me - bikers. Not the motorcycle kind, the regular bicycle riders. Can you please give it up? It's the middle of February! I mean, seriously? How many near accidents have I been in because of biker's stupidity? How about last night, while driving home, I was cut off by 2 bikers who were riding side by side on Queen Street at 4 p.m., going so slow my car wasn't going more then 10 km/h... thus making me get stuck at a red light... while they continued to pedal through the red light? I mean, if you want to think you're driving a car, at least obey the freaking traffic rules, okay? They really bug me. Grrr.....

It's Valentine's Day! So what... I love my loved ones everyday. But I did buy my hubby a card and Christos also gave one to his daddy.

I'm beginning to think that Larry guy is really Anna's baby's father. I am having my doubt about Howard. Don't think Anna's mom should have any say over that baby, though. Sad situation.
Okay... hoping this post will go through!
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