Will we ever win?

I still find it funny that me and the girls are a on a volleyball team. Our team is called Volleyball Vixens. We all wear our cute lulu lemon pants and have custom made t-shirts with "Volleyball Vixens" in pink on the front and our numbers and names on the back. We look good. We just don't play good. I don't want to offend any of my friends here... but we're just not good. I know this because we have never won a single game. Ever. We did win a set last week and we were very happy about that. But Queen Volleyball showed up on the other team (she was so hot, had a body to die for, and played as good as Gabby Reece) Anyway... we lost. But there is hope! We might win on Monday! And if we do... it will be very funny since 3 of our best players will be in Florida - Gina, Patti and Lucy. Well, ya never know... if we win, there will be a celebration and a phone call to Florida to gloat. I have to remind everyone also that this game is just for fun... no fighting or yelling or bitching at anyone, okay? Okay!
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zafy said...

I don't know about you but I have noticed that alot of us have been rockin the court since we started we are getting so much better and I don't think that we should rate the players since it is like you said "just for fun"

Loukia said...

We have gotten better... but we are still not good enough to win a game!

zafy said...

we are good enough to win a game,and if we all go into the game thinking that then we will be great just like we've been doing.