What Not To Wear

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I don't want to be mean... but. Over the last few months, since changing offices and working on Queen Street, I have seen some pretty hideous fashion faux-pas. I mean, I could write a book on how many "Don't" I see on a daily basis. I'd give Glamour Magazine a run for their money, let me tell you. I don't want to be mean... but. I wonder what people think, sometimes, when they head out the door? I mean, today, for instance, I saw a lady where a tight, short jacket with the words "Ski-doo" on the back. With short (just above the ankle) tight grey-ish pants. With thick black socks. And 3-inch black-ish bridesmaid shoes (circa 1982). With a tight, terrible perm. Eating a bag of Zesty Doritos and a 2 litre diet pepsi - at 10 a.m. I mean, really. It was hideous. And I don't want to be mean. Maybe you hate what I'm wearing today, but I don't know, I try to look a little presentable everyday, even on 5 hours of sleep, even feeling sick, even if I'm so cold all I want to wear to work is my purple flannel pj's. (I know, ewww... but still, they keep me warm!) And then I saw a lady wearing a short black leather jacket, with red plaid pants that had all these zippers on them... some were opened, some were zipped up, it was just so weird. Okay that's it, I'll stop now because trust me, I could go on and on and on but like I said, I really don't want to be mean. But this building could sure use a "What Not To Wear" intervention!
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skichik79 said...

I hear you on this I people watch all the time and feel mena but im sure others people watch me ...