We take to the court again tonight....

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Will tonight be the night we finally win? I doubt it! I think I have given up hope, but that doesn't mean I won't play as good as I can. Which isn't saying a lot...but anyway! Good times, that's all it's about, really. It's my only form of exercise, not counting burning all those calories carrying my 30 pound toddler around, up and down the stairs, through the malls, while navigating a stroller and several bags, putting him in and out of the car seat, cooking with him in my arms (I don't recommend this!) and running around after him playing. So! I say we will come close to winning... but not actually winning. But I'll be more then happy to report back here tomorrow with results either way. I'd love to say we WON! We just might. Here's hoping, volleyball vixens!
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