Very scary, be careful!

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This is a very tragic story and the death of this two year old girl could have been avoided had the mother not left her alone in the car. Even though she was with her 6 year old brother, they are just kids. Just wanted to share this story, be careful with your children and don't let the same mistake happen to you. I feel terrible for the entire family.

CALGARY — The death of a toddler caught in a power window of a running SUV has experts warning parents not to leave their children alone in vehicles.
The two-year-old girl died Tuesday morning after her mother left the toddler and her six-year-old brother in the Chevrolet Blazer while she ran an errand.
As the investigation continues, charges could be laid against the mother, although police said the incident was a “very sad and tragic accident.”
“We all feel it right away in the pit of our stomachs,” said Calgary police duty inspector Luch Berti. “It’s tough to (point) a finger.”
The six-year-old brother heard the girl crying in the back seat and released her from her seatbelt, police said.
The boy then fell asleep and the tot began playing with the power windows and somehow became stuck.
A passerby heard the girl crying for her mother and walked up to the Blazer, realized the girl was stuck and freed her from the window.
The passerby placed her back in the car seat then ran into the nearby building to call for help.
Meanwhile, the mother returned to the vehicle, buckled both children back in their seats and drove away, believing her youngest was sleeping.
“She strapped the two-year-old into the car seat,” said Berti. “She just thought the child was sleeping.”
After dropping the boy off at school, about 10 minutes after the toddler had become caught in the window, the mother noticed the girl was unresponsive.
“She tapped the young one’s foot and realized something was definitely wrong,” said Berti.
The mother phoned 911 and was told to pull over and wait for help.
Police officers attempted CPR. Paramedics and firefighters took over as police blocked traffic to get her to the Alberta Children’s Hospital.
While the incident could not have been predicted, Berti said it serves as a “unfortunate, tragic reminder” that children should never be left unattended in a vehicle.
“We need to be more mindful of that,” he said, adding children will find anything to amuse themselves while waiting.
Former police officer Samantha Wilson, who founded Kidproof Canada, said it’s important not to blame the mother because she’s already paid the ultimate price, but it’s important that parents learn from the mistake.
“There’s no reason you should ever have to leave children of this age alone in a vehicle. Parents should remember that if you wouldn’t leave your children alone in a house, you shouldn’t leave your kids alone in a car,” Wilson said.
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