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Since my baby boy went to bed at 8:30 last night, (shocker of all shockers!) I was able to watch some television, so I watched Grey's Anatomy. I like this show. And I was shocked to see that Meredith was dead... or not? It sure looked that way to me... but I really, really, really do not think she is really dead. They just wouldn't do that. A main character just doesn't get killed of a show like that... we would have known about it already! So, next week, she'll be brought back to life... I think that scene of her with the 2 dead guys was her awakening, like, her 'near death' experience where she realizes it's not her time, so bye-bye... I did not like Izzie's long, rambling speech... spare me, who talks like that in a situation like that? Um, no one!

Also watched The Office, of course. Always makes me laugh, what a great, great show. I just want Pam and Jim together, please. Enough is enough! I really can't take it anymore!

And... I saw half of The O.C. Not bad. As if, though, after a major earthquake hits L.A. a hospital will have time to examine and give an x-ray to a freaking BUNNY rabbit... that part just totally sucked. Next week is the SERIES finale though, so maybe it will be worth watching. It's always sad to see a show end. This was the replacement show for 90210 although not nearly as good.
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Gina said...

whatever, no show is as good as friends! and never will be! (seinfeld comes right after friends!)