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Posh is in talks to have her own reality show about her family moving to America. I'd watch it - only to see her in action as a mom - she seems so stiff and boring and I really want to see her get down and dirty!

American Idol is on tonight - the boys sing. Tomorrow, the girls sing. Thursdsay, someone goes home. Also on the tube tomorrow night - American's Next Top Model. Yet again... and I'll probably watch, if I find the time. So I can hear Tyra say the same things over and over again... and there is no new The Office this Thursday. Tear. But hey - did I mention that Rob and Amber came in first again on All-Stars TAR? GO ROB AND AMBER!

Larry Birkhead finally got to see his (supposed) daughter. He fed her, burped her, and got thrown up on. Just like any other baby-daddy team! Anyway, it is clearly obvious, when you look at Dannielynn, that she is Larry's little girl. They look identical! And Howard K. Stern just doesn't seem like a good guy - who in their right mind would videotape their 8 month pregnant girlfriend/wife when they are high as a kite? Who would allow a pregnant woman to be high and on drugs in the first place? And to say: "This footage is going to be worth a lot of money." I mean, seriously? If you haven't seen the video of Anna with a clown face yet, look it up. It's scary and sad and makes you really question Howard. I don't believe he is the father of this baby. Larry said, about seeing Daninelynn: "She's mine. That's my baby. She looks like me - she is mine.' And there was not a doubt." I hope he gets custody of her soon. He's already missed so much... and now Anna's body is still not allowed to go to Bahamas to R.I.P beside her son... her mother has filed an appeal and a Florida court issued a stay yesterday in the dispute over Anna's body. How crazy is this woman?

In other news, here is a picture of baby Shiloh... looking as cute as ever, as gorgeous as you would think a Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie creation would be:

And Shakira and Beyonce's new song is set to hit the airwaves soon! It will probably be a hit song this summer.

No news on Britney... so that's a good thing, because she is in rehab getting better.

And Jessica is still a brunette. And still dating John. Sigh.
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