TV is good for you

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This post will be of no interest to anyone who is not a mom. But who cares. Treehouse is a program on TV that is catered to young children. I LOVE TREEHOUSE. Now, don't get me wrong, my son in no way watches TV a lot, however, there are a few shows he likes and sometimes, TV is a nice help, when I need to finish unloading the dishwasher, or when I have to take a phone call, etc. Besides - it's educational. I don't care what you say - when I see my son dancing and singing and learning new words that certain shows teach, it goes to show that TV is good for you. My son is usually too busy playing with his mommy, daddy, aunt, and grandparents as well as mopping, colouring, playing with his trucks, Thomas the train table, reading, cleaning, folding, building towers of blocks and destroying them, painting and riding his toys, and playing with balls to watch TV but I know some shows, he really likes. Like Hi-5. And I also LOVE Hi-5. It's a great show! We watch Hi-5 during his dinner time. Feeding a toddler is NOT a simple thing, and anything that will get him to stay in his high chair and actually eat something that is good for him, I'm a supporter of. So thank you, Hi-5. Anyway. I like Hi-5, 4 Square, Play With Me Sesame, Blue's Clues and Mighty Machines. I HATE HATE HATE Wonder Pets (oh, that annoying song... "The phone... the phone is ringing!) Timothy Goes To School, and Little Bear. Thankfully, my son dislikes these shoes as well. Daneil Cook is okay, and Emily Yeung is super cute. Okay I'm done talking about TV.
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