Thank you, Harper!

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Have I mentioned I really like the Conservative's? After 12 years of the Fiberals being power, and doing NOTHING (except steal millions of dollars) here comes Harper with an action plan. Every day something new is done. They are actually working! Shocker of all shockers... politicians actually working! Thank goodness for the Tories... saying they'll get the job done and actually doing it! I completey agree with the following: (It's about time!)
OTTAWA - The Conservative government plans to introduce a bill as early as next month to treat young offenders more harshly, including an expected provision to make it automatic that violent and repeat offenders over age 13 receive adult sentences.
Another anticipated change would instruct judges to tack on additional jail time for youths for the purpose of sending a message to the public.
The planned changes to the Youth Criminal Justice Act, dealing with 12- to 17-year-olds in trouble with the law, are contained in the Conservative election platform, which promises "to hold young lawbreakers accountable to their victims and the community."
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