Sweet music!

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Yesssssssssssssssss! My car radio is fixed and working again! Thank you daddy! Thank you! Now I don't have to die of silence on my car ride home today. And I can stop singing out of tune to my son in the car to entertain him/keep him awake for the drive home. His beloved Hi-5 CD can once again be played loud and clear in the car and we can both sing and dance along with the 5 very talented boys and girls of Hi-5. "Hide your eyes, and count to 10... ready or not... I'm gonna find you again and again and again and again..." and "Robot number 1, with a switch you turn me on..." (Hmmm..??) and "If I had to choose one colour... one colour just for me... I'd have to choose them all, choose them all you'll see..." and "Music makes me want to move with you..." and "If I had three wishes, what would they be? Three wishes... one, two, three... three wishes... would you give one to me?" Anyway... it's so cute seeing him dance to the songs! And try to sing along with them, too. Wayyy too cute...
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