The shopaholic in me

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I have come to terms with the fact that I shop way too much. I have an obsession with shopping, always have, always will. I used to be completey obsessed with bags so I would have to shop just to get a bag. I remember once we were in Bal Harbour and were doing some shopping and I wanted a bag from Emporio Armani even though we were about to leave and I ran like a mad woman to the store, bought a sweater and got my bag... ahh... sweet relief. I use to keep all my bags, now, not so much. They are just so pretty, some bags, you know? Not stupid GAP bags but like, the bags with really nice rope handles, and nice colours. When I lived in D.C. with Mary we shopped a lot. Every single day, we'd meet in Georgetown and shop to our hearts content. We knew that every Tuesday bebe would bring out their newest stuff. We shopped a lot. And we ate a lot, too. I gained a lot of weight in D.C. I went a size 8 and came back 2 sizes bigger. It was a great internship, let me tell you! But let's get back to what this post is about. Today at lunch I went to get my baby some new undershirts and pj's. I ended up buying him 3 swimming trunks, 2 pairs of shorts, a pair of pants, a shirt, a onesie, pj's and 3 undershirts. And a baby gift for someone. At least I got what I needed, you know? But seriously? I have to stop! I need to have some sort of a budget! The good thing is I don't shop for myself that much anymore. It's all about my boy now. He is my whole life! :) But I still have to control my shopping habits!
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