Wednesday, February 21, 2007

She's out of rehab. Again.

Ooops, she did it again... she checked out of rehab... why? What is going on with Britney? Her poor little boys...

UPDATE: from

This is still unconfirmed, but we just received a tip that Britney Spears is at an office building in West Hollywood RIGHT NOW (9119 Sunset Blvd, which is near the Chateau Marmont, where another source told Britney was at earlier today).

Spears it apparently at the law office of Barry Tarlows (a defense attorney) wearing her 2 dollar blonde wig with a brown hat and some brown haired assistant-looking girl.

No clue what she's doing there.

Update: Britney is reportedly "flipping out" because Kevin Federline won't let her see their two boys, sources tell us.


SC said...

I love that your tracking Brit.... `We just received a tip` ... I love that line!!! Keep up the good work Loukia!!!

Loukia said...

Haha... thanks Sara! :)

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