Racism... or not?

What is your opinion on this story? An 11 year old Ottawa girl was told she could not play in her soccer tournament unless she removed her hijab. She was told the head scarf was a physical threat to the other players. (Her coach proceeded to pull out the entire team and forfeit the tournament). Seeing as the ref was a Muslim himself, I hardly doubt it had to do with racism. When we play volleyball, we are asked to remove all our jewellery - I take off my cross that I wear around my neck, and my wedding band and engagement ring, as well as other jewellery. I don't question whether the ref has something against me being Greek Orthodox. I do think it's stupid that I have to take off my necklace and rings, (what damange can be done if I wear them?) but because I want to play volleyball, I listen to the ref. We even have to take out our earrings, as small as they may be. So I see the ref's point in asking this girl to remove her head scarf, which I can see causing far more damage than jewellery. And I don't think it is racist at all. What do you think?
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skichik79 said...

the reason they make you take off your rings is almost more for your protection .. if your fingers swell up your rings have to be cut.

the earings is incase you get them pulled off .. and same for necklaces .. I had to stop playing softball coz my labret is pierced and they wanted me to remove it but I couldnt and they would not let me put tape on it ... so bye bye

twinmomplusone said...

when my kids play soccer they have to remove everything (earrings, bracelets, rings) as well the girls not being allowed to wear any hair clips, only ponytails allowed. My son was allowed to leave his medic-alert bracelet on if taped to place.

the problem with this story is that they let her play with her hi jab for the first few games and then changed their minds. So they really need to clarify the details of the rules of what is and isn't allowed on the field.

Personally, I don't see the need to wear one to play and its not for being racist. If she wants to partake in sports, off it comes, she can wear it every else if she wishes.

Walker said...

From a safty point of view it could blind her sight causing an accident and people have a natural tendancy to grab at something that is loose as it flies by accidentlky breaking someone neck.
I got hung up in a basketball practice when my ring got tangled in the netting. I was lucky and got loose quickly but it could have been alot worse.
The rules are in place for a reason and for all.
They were not made with religion in mind but safety.
The world is getting to politically correct and one day its going to get someone hurt or killed because of something stupid like not wanting to insult someone's beleifs at the expense of safety.

Have a nice day