Monday, February 19, 2007

Pee and Poo?

I'm soooo not going to buy these, but they are funny! Perhaps I could use the pee and poo dolls as an incentive to help toilet train my baby?
Pee and poo are not as gross as the giant microbe stuffed animals I saw at Tiggy Winkle's this weekend, though - I saw these fuzzy dolls that were: the common cold, ringworm, sore throat, the flu, ebola, stomach ache, dust mite, bed bug, bad breath, cough and ear ache. Each 5x7 'doll' is accompanied by an image of the real microbe it represents, as well as information about the microbe. (FYI - the blue fuzz thing is a picture of the common cold, in case you were wondering). Ewwww!


Anastasia said...

You know I'm going out this weekend to get one of these hilarious!

Loukia said...

Haha... you're hilarious...

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