Oh, this is fun!

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I saw this first on Dani's blog, and then today on Lisa's blog, and figured why not post it here as well? Because it's fun! So thanks Dani for the idea!

10 people I love: Christos, my husband, my mom, my dad, my sister, my grandmother, and my nieces/nephew/cousin: Melina, Chrysanthi, Christos, and Antony.

9 movies I love: Mean Girls, Dazed and Confused, Crash, Chicago, Godfather III, Blow, Clueless, Father of the Bride, Devil Wears Prada.

8 words I love: Christaki, baby-love, OMG, like, awesome, happy, hello, amazing.

7 books I love: The Other Bolyen Girl, The Glass Castle, Baby Is a Four Letter Word, The Way The Crow Flies, The Alchemist, The Kite Runner, Prep.

6 songs I love: The Way You Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra), Hotel California (Eagles), What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong) At Last (Etta James), It Had To Be You (Harry Connick Jr.) and anything rap, hip-hop... damn this is a hard one... way too many to list!

5 TV shows I love: The Amazing Race, The Office, South Park, American Idol, Deserpate Housewives.

4 foods I love: Pizza, Pasta, Greek, fries.

3 places I love: Bal Harbour, Santorini, my baby's room.

2 quotes I love: See my list of quotes to the side...

1 thing to love about me: That I am a mom. And my hair.
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