Oh, Britney...

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How much longer am I suppose to defend you and stick up for you? I don't think I can much longer! You are a mother to two little boys, you really should try staying in one night and putting your kids to bed yourself - give the nanny a night off, for once! I understand it must have been tough being pregnant back-to-back, but I am sure you had a lot of help and support. And fine and dandy that you needed to get out again, to check out the music scene, since you're planning on putting a new record out... but I think you need to stay home for a while. Clear your head. Enjoy being a mom. And get yourself on the cover of Vanity Fair with your babies, along with a nice article about the past year of your life. This will help you.

Here is the story from www.people.com that goes along with this icky picture: When Britney Spears regrets her choice of outfit, she knows how to improvise. The singer, 25, who has been making the social rounds in New York City this month, arrived with a group of girlfriends at the downtown hot spot ONE on Sunday night wearing a micro-mini red dress. "But she was complaining that she didn't like it and wanted to change," a source tells PEOPLE. Lucky for her, Sunday nights at ONE feature go-go dancers clad in fishnets and bikinis. "So she called the dancers over to talk to them, she said, because she really liked those fishnet stockings," the source says. The flattered dancers brought Spears downstairs to their dressing room to try on some of their outfits. A few minutes later, "Britney came upstairs in a dancer bikini and a white busboy jacket. And that's what she walked out wearing." Although Spears sipped champagne at the club, her evening was relatively mellow, says the source. "She just hung out with these two dancers all night and kind of befriended them. She was trying on all their outfits and left in a bikini and fishnets. That's it." The New York Post's Page Six also reported the story, and said reps for Spears did not return calls for comment.

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