New food guide!

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Canada's come out with a new and improved food guide.

Advice from Canada’s new food guide:

• Eat at least one dark green and one orange vegetable every day (What's an orange vegetable? Oh, never mind, carrots.)
• Have vegetables and fruit more often than juice (Okay)
• Make at least half of your grain products whole grain each day (Okay)
• Drink fortified soy beverages if you do not drink milk (Sick... feel sorry for anyone drinking soy! I love milk!)
• Eat beans, lentils and tofu often (Okay)
• Eat at least two food guide servings of fish every week (Must improve this, I was eating salmon all the time when pregnant and not as often anymore)
• Satisfy your thirst with water (Okay and diet pepsi, please?)
• Adults should get 30 to 60 minutes of moderate physical activity every day and children 90 minutes (Does carrying a 30 pound toddler up and down stairs all day count? And playing all day? It darn better!)
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