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I had a great weekend! I really wish I worked part-time, because every second I spend with my son is simply amazing. Can I say, again, how 18 and 1/2 months is the very best age? My son has the most wonderful little personality... he is so amazing, the way he does things, how he gives kisses and hugs, and dances and sings, and his laugh... OMG... I could die happy just hearing him laugh... and the way he goes around cleaning, helping, talking... the words are just coming out now, he tries to say everything, and he understands everything, too. He amazes me and keeps me young. Even though I've aged in worry and lack of sleep over the last 18 1/2 months...

My uncle and little cousin were up from D.C. for the weekend. Christos and Antony (who is 6 years old) got along so well! Christos was giving him a tour of the house, showing him all the rooms, his toys, the washer and dryer... it was adorable! We hung out, and went to the Children's Museum... if you live in Ottawa and have kids - you really should go! We go all the time, it's great. "Passport to Adventure" it's called, and children get a little passport and visit different countries around the world... Greece, Italy, India, Mexico, Egypt, etc... hands on activities, just so much fun!

So I've been working at this new job since December 5th, I believe. And every single day - no word of a lie - my manager eats McDonald's for breakfast. I can only assume this is not very healthy. We're talking an egg mcmuffin and hash browns and soft drinks and for the most part, at least a few days a week, he also gets McDonald's for lunch. He is not obese. But this cannot be good for his heart. I mean, I am not KIDDING you, it's been EVERY DAY for 3 months! Will this go on forever? I am in shock... can you believe this?

All-Stars Amazing Race was on last night, and I watched most of it after baby went to bed at 10:30. It was great! I wish some other familiar faces were back like Jonathan and Victoria because they were just way too funny and B.J. and Tyler, but I am just glad Rob and Amber are back. I couldn't stand them on Survivor and now, they're my favourite team. Probably because they piss everyone off and it makes me laugh. So go, Rob and Amber, and yay for coming in 1st... YET AGAIN! (Let the fights begin, Zafy...)

Went out for a delish dinner on Saturday night... totally did not count my WW points on Saturday, and I don't think there is anything wrong with that... a cheat day once a week is very necessary for my sanity!

VOLLEYBALL TONIGHT! Here's hoping we win... 2nd last game before the playoffs!
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