My Oscar summary

Because the actual award show was boring this year (and maybe that had something to do with the fact that I only had the chance to watch 1 Oscar nomiated movie, Little Miss Sunshine, which was great, but not that great) I decided to talk about who the top 3 best-dressed were last night and who was the most deserving winner.

Reese Witherspoon! Wow, she looked GORGEOUS! Amazing, a lot better then last year. Divorce did her good! (I'm still really sad about that, though...)

Nicole Kidman! She never does wrong... she is strikingly beautiful.

Jennifer Lopez. Very pretty! Her dress looked very maternity. I wonder if she is pregnant?

Now... the not so hot:

Jessica Biel - bleh. (Yeah, great body, though)
Cameron Diaz - hot bod, bleh dress.
Beyonce - gorgeous face, not a very flattering dress.
Kirsten Dunst - ewww.

And the most deserving Oscar goes to: Martin Scorsese! YAY! Wow, what a powerhouse on stage when he won... Francis Ford Coppola, George Lucas, Steven Speilberg.... and Martin Scorsese!
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zafy said...

Reese looked amazing! I agree the awards ceremony got a bit boring at times but Ellen did such a great job as host that it made up for it.

Loukia said...

HELLO ZAFY! Thanks for your comment! Yeah, Reese was awesome! I don't think Ellen did that great of a job, though... I loved Billy Crystal and I Steve Martin better.