My dream hair

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Basically, Jessica Simpson has my dream hair and lucky enough for me I don't need extensions to get her look since I was born with thick, curly hair that I'm not the biggest fan of, hence the reason I get it blow dryed so often - I like it better straight! I have a good hairdresser who has been doing my hair weekly since I was about 16 years old. He's a teasing master. Teasing is the trick to get such great volume! Big, loose curls and lots of height and volume, I just love it! And I'm thinking of going lighter this summer, too, like this picture of Jessica. But we'll see, since roots are evil. But maybe for fun I'll do it just for the summer then go back to darker blonde. I really miss the summer. I have been continuously cold for far too long. Enough already! I'm sick of coats!

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