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I was in shock today when I read that the murderer Karla Homolka had apparantly given birth to a baby in a Montreal hospital recently. I can't even wrap my head around this. This woman who killed her own sister by drugging and raping her, who kidnapped 2 innocent girls and tortured them before ending their lives, has given birth to a child? This woman who was married to a monster who actually told her that if they ever had daughters of their own, he would turn them into sex slaves? This woman who was enjoying her wedding day while concrete blocks with the body parts of a 14 year old were being pulled out of a lake, is now a mother? The woman who was fully aware her husband had raped over 40 girls? This woman who also kidnapped another girl, and kept her a sex slave for days on end before killing her, has had a baby? I can't even begin to tell you how enraged this makes me, why she of all people has had a baby. This is not funny. Will she be allowed to keep her child? Probably. What damage will be done to this poor, innocent child? Will she abuse and torture this child? Kill this child? I mean, she killed her own sister, for crying out loud... I dont' think she was a victim, I think she's a sick, sick, woman and she needs to be in jail for life. And I'm sorry, but hung. She has no right creating a human being. I hate her stupid plea bargain. Why, oh why, couldn't they just rip it up and say to her: "Too damn bad, evil witch, we found the tapes, so to hell with your plea bargain!" And come on... she did not spend 12 years in jail! She was in cottage country, enjoying celebrations, the outdoors, various lovers, TV, books, even getting a degree from Queen's! With our money, might I add. And now she has a new victim... her poor, innocent baby. I hope to God someone is going to do something about this. Her new name is Leanne Teale, by the way. Her middle name from birth and the last name? Yeah... it's an 'adopted' last name that Paul gave her, a name he took from a serial killer in the movie Criminal Law. No, she is not better. She is still as demented as ever. She was, after all, in love with another convicted killer a few short years ago. And I'm worried about this baby. Which man in his right mind would actually fall in love with this woman, and want to start a family? He's insane too! I hope Child Services in aware and will keep a watchful eye on this horrible situation. I could go on and on and on... I can only shake my head in disgust and wonder why a woman like her was able to conceive in the first place, when hundreds of woman who are farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr more deserving of having a child are not able to do so. SICK!
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