Mondays are not fun

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I love the weekend so much more now, since becoming a mom, and going back to work. It really means someting to have 2 entire days off to spend with my child, waking up beside him, feeding him all his meals, playing with him non-stop, laughing, giggling, running around, going out, exploring, reading, and falling more and more in love. I hate coming in to work on Monday! I just don't look forward to getting in an elevator with complete strangers and getting off on the 21st floor to do work when I could be at home dancing with my Christos. Needless to say, we had a wonderful weekend. I'm continuously amazed at the things my son does, how smart he is, how very organized he is, and how is testing his boundaries now. Not to mention the flurry of new words he says (or tries to say!) every day. I think I'd have to say 18 months is the most fascinating age! (I happen to have said the same thing at almost every age up to 18 months so far, but I truly think this age is just something special!)
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