A little bit of information

Okay happy Friday, ya'll! Temps will be going up to minus 1 on Sunday, so hoorah! for that. Did you all manage to watch some good TV last night? I ACCIDENTALLY DID NOT RECORD THE OFFICE. And I want to cry, because I just found out a new episode will NOT BE ON FOR ANOTHER 6 WEEKS! OMG. Tear. AND I found out that Pam broke up with her boyfriend, and Jim is totally going to leave Karen soon and now that Pam's ex knows that Jim hearts Pam he says he's going to kill Jim. Can't wait to see that the two of them in the same room, with Jim declaring his love for Pam.

Saw some AI. 4 people left. Good people stayed.

Grey's Anatomy. Did not cry. Don't know why. Have seen more emotional shows. Even on Grey's, before. Of course it was super predictable. Of course she did not die. Duh.

Did not watch The O.C. Oh, well.

I LOST 1.5 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!! Hoorah! I didn't think I lost anything this week. So yay for that.
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Anastasia said...

OMG you didn't watch the last episode of the OC???? Loulou, you missed a good one. I cried like a baby! Loved that show! I'm so sad it is gone!

Loukia said...

Darn it! I'm sure if I had seen it I would have cried, too, but maybe not, since I did not cry during Grey's.

Loukia said...

Oh... did they have flashbacks? I read that they showed the future and Summer and Seth got married! Yay for that!