Thursday, February 22, 2007

Judge to rule in a few minutes...

So, what will his decision be? While I have serious doubts about Howard K. Stern, (I don't really think he is the father of Anna Nicole's baby girl, and I think he did nothing to stop Anna from taking meds before, during, and after her pregnancy) I think he is in the right by saying Anna wanted to be buried in the Bahamas, where she lived, next to her son, whom she loved. I mean, she DID buy a plot beside him. So that is where she should R.I.P. Her mom, on the hand, has no say in where she should be buried... Texas? She wanted (apparantly) nothing to do with Texas, and she did not get along with her mom. From interviews with Anna Nicole, you could see her blood boiling when she talked about her mom. So I hope the judge decides to let Anna rest beside her beloved son. I will update as soon as does! So stay tuned!

With tears in his eyes, Judge Larry Seidlin has ruled that the disposition of Anna Nicole's body will be determined by Richard Milstein, the guardian ad litem of Dannielynn Stern in consultation with the three parties, and should go to the Bahamas, and will be with her son.

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