John and Jessica


Here is a new pic of the happy couple from the last night's Grammy's. Was kind of a boring awards show, but some good performances from the few minutes I was able to watch. I still don't know what my feelings are about Jessica and John. I wonder who has the more honest relationship, the one that will last longer - Jess and John, and Vanessa and Nick?
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Anastasia said...

I personally LOVE John Mayer and I'm going to his concert again in April....he has the best music. His head seems a big larger than Jess's hahaha! But he is so cool. Did I ever tell you about the time I was in NYC walking on the streets with Evan heading to meet some of his friends after dinner so I had a few glasses of wine in me...anyway, we were about to cross the street and behind us was John retarded me, I turn around and start singing to him. To top it off, I was singing one if his songs and screwed up the words. He laughed, Evan was almost peeing in his pants and looked at JM and just said, she's Canadian and a bit loopy hahah! He then said...its okay I like Canadian girls, they're spunky!! Not one of my best moments in NYC...hahah!

Loukia said...

LOL... I think I remember you telling me that story! Okay well if you go to his concert, and you see JS there, you have to call me right away! I was thinking of going to the concert, too, but only to see if JS was there. I really do want to meet her. I'm hoping I'll bump into her in Bal Harbour when we go this summer and I'll be able to take a picture with her and Christos! :)

Anastasia said...

I'll definitely call you to tell you. It would be cool to meet her.

You should go to the concert. Its really good!