I went shopping at lunch!

What else is new, right? I bought the new Shopaholic book - I'll let you know how it is tomorrow after I finish reading it tonight. (That is, if my baby doesn't go to bed at 11 p.m.) And I have to say, there is this one cashier at Chapters who is so damn nice! I'm standing in line, and he goes: "Hi, beautiful!" How nice is that! When I first met him, I wasn't sure if he was a he or a she, but came to the realization that he was in fact a he. He's super nice, and loves to talk to me about designer purses. That's how he started talking to me, actually, "OMG - I LOVE your Fendi!" And hey, it's a great day outside, too! The sun is shining, and it's not too cold and next week we have the time change so the sun will be out shining even later then usual... finally! Well, time to go pick up my boy from my in-laws... have a great night everyone!
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Dal said...

I thought the time change was April 1st???

Let me know how the book was!! Do they have it in paperback already?

Dal :-)

Loukia said...

Is it? I thought I heard it was next week... maybe it was wishful thinking on my part! I started reading the book last night - so far, so good. I did not see it in paperback yet - I hate when they do that!

Surferbella said...

Are you talking about the guy who has sandy-blonde hair that's sort of shaggy yet shapely at the Chapter's on Rideau? He's like uber feminine and loves showing it?

Loukia said...

Lisa - YES! That guy... he's very funny and super nice and loves all things designer. I'm there all the time so I see him often and he sold me my Chapters card, too! So funny...