How many baby hazards can you see?

There was some video footage of Anna Nicole's baby girl, Dannielynne I saw on ET a few days ago. And I was wondering if anyone else noticed the several no-no's I saw, too. You probably didn't think twice about it if you are not pregnant, about to give birth, or a mom already, but it's pretty much engraved in your head once you're pregnant that once your baby is born, you should always place it on it's BACK to sleep. BACK to sleep campaign, anyone? As well, you should remove the bumbers from the crib, and not cover the baby in a blankie. (Rather, you should swaddle the baby until he or she is old enough to be covered by a blanket). Putting your baby to sleep on their back will reduce the risk of SIDS. And having your baby sleep in a crib without stuffed animals and bumpers and blankies will also reduce their risk of SIDS. Well, the baby girl, Dannielynn, who is just 5 months old, was shown sleeping on her tummy, in a crib, surrrounded by stuffed animals, covered in thick blankets, with frilly bumpers very close to her head. In a pink frilly nightie! I mean, hello? Was no one around to notice all the hazards? With her family's track record, I think someone should be taking better care of her! Where was her nanny? Didn't she know the dangers in this? Especially putting her to sleep on her tummy? Yes, 'back in the day' no one knew it was bad and everyone put their child to sleep on their tummy but that is also why the risk of SIDS was so much higher then. We know better now! And I really hope someone mentioned this to the baby's caregivers. (I'm guilty of having the bumpers in Christos's crib, however he did not sleep in his crib until he was 8 or 9 months old, and at that point in time, I lowered the bumpers so there was always a clear air passage. Now, he is a king and sleeps with an adult sized pillow, but anyway!) Back to the baby I'm talking about - I was shocked when I saw that on TV! Someone, put her on her back and take out all the stuffed animals in her crib!
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Dal said...

Funny you say that, I thought the SAME thing when I saw it. Espcially when the baby was sleeping on her belly!!! That woman was on crack 24-7 if you ask me.


Loukia said...

Glad you noticed, too! You've got mommy radar and you have not even given birth yet! You'll be a super mommy, I just know it.

I hope that little girl has good caregivers and people that love her (and not her money). I hope her real daddy gets to take her home soon.