Hmm, at least someone cares about this country!

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Why are the Conservative's the only party who care about Canadians enough to want to keep the anti-terror act? The two anti-terror measures that were made as part of Canada's response to 9/11 will expire tomorrow. Opposition parties thought they were an 'unnecessary infringement on civil liberties'. Yet again, the criminal/terrorist has more rights then the innocent people! This really makes me mad! Come on, Dion... you are a terrible leader and this will not help you in the next elections. If you have nothing to hide and are guilty of nothing, why the fear? Seriously. I'd rather take my shoes off, have my water taken away from me, and know that if someone was considered a terrorists suspect they would NOT be given the benefit of the doubt and be allowed to board the same airplane as me and my child. Seriously! Harper predicts the Liberals will be defeated in the next election because of their refusal to back his extension - and I hope he's right. He went on to say: "Any party that doesn't take the national security of Canadians seriously will never be chosen by Canadians to form the goverment of Canada". Agree! Maureen Basnicki, whose husband, Ken, was one of the Canadians killed in New York, said earlier a rejection would seriously diminish Canada's capacity to fight terrorism. "We want to protect other Canadians from the devastation that we experienced".

"This issue is not going to go away. It's going to haunt the Liberal Party from now until the election campaign," Harper said.

Another election is possible for this spring. Get ready for the political posts, folks...
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