Hard out there for a wife...

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I just wanted to share this awesome funny rap from my all time favourite blogger, Rebecca. Everything I read on her blog is so real, so awesome, so inspiring, and she just rocks and is an awesome mommy, and an awesome writer. So here you go! And make sure to visit her blog:

"It's Hard Out There For a Wife."
(Reluctant Housewife, this one's for you.)

It's hard out there for a wife (this i know)
SAH, married with kidz is a tough life (this i know)
Yeah it's hard out there for a wife (this i know)
Holdin' it togethez can bring quite a lot of strife (this i know)

We got station wagon payments and mad co-pays for the 'Trician
We got kids that pull our hair while we be baking in the kitchen
Changing diapers, bathing babies, and our tits be like fast food
We gots to keep our minds in order and our bodies in the mood.
Done seen wifeys pull their hair out
Done seen wifeys just break down
Done seen wifeys run a screaming
Down the lamp-lit streets of town

Keeping pretty out in public, workin' part-time on the side
Walking dogs and burping babies from the backseat of our ride.
Being married with a kid or two is real rough on the back
But finding time for a massage, for real, girl, are you wack?

Martha Stewart is a felon and Desperate Housewifes rock the mike
But fuck those stupid bitches, that aint really how its like.
Terri Hatcher isn't married and Martha Stewart lives alone
With a staff of eighty pool boys and a platinum mobile phone.
Done seem Mommies calm as cucum's,
Done seem Mommies hard as pavement,
Done seem Mommies who got peed on
Work it like a fashion statement.

It's hard out there for a wife (raise the roof)
Staying home, married with kids is a tough life (new baby toof!)
Yeah it's hard out there for a wife (no self-tanner)
Holdin' it together can bring quite a lot of strife (thanks for the banner.)

Word to the mothaz...

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